What exactly is a Non-Essential business? and do you know that when you're opening that business or is this decided on an ad-hoc basis?

Who decides, and when?

  So like, the Essential services and businesses are staying open during the 15 day shutdown, and well, a lot of my favorite places got the designation "Essential business", e.g. Home depot, electronics shops, hardware stores...

  Do you know you are starting a non-essential business when you get your tax number?  like....


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So, if these shut down orders become more common...

well, how similar are they to austerity measures?  And who's to say that these businesses could start right up again after a two or three week shutdown?  What happens if the people in charge say, "Look here guys, we did just fine without these other businesses, all we really need are groceries and repair equipment & supplies, and all the rest is fluff."  Isn't this the way a nation historically does it's belt tightening before it becomes an authoritarian state?

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  • 4 months ago

    The situation depends on whether or not the business is essential.

    Read about what happened in Europe ( basically to serfs) following the Black Plague.

    People will not do that. Yes this week they may say...I don't need a manicure, a new car or clothes for the office because I'm not going anywhere.

    A YEAR from now, after people have been working for a fe months they will be like: I am SICK of doing my own nails, I can afford $20! I am SICK of these tired old clothes.. I DESERVE a new suit...My RIDE SUCKS...I MUST HAVE a new car. I don't CARE if it is silly...I WANT the same kitchen device in THREE DIFFERENT COLORS.

    You cannot stop the 'I wants'. Beatles and blue jeans toppled the Soviet Union. Even if you ban luxury goods...people will find a way to get them.

  • John
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    It will come depending on whether your authorities are smart or alt-right. Mississippi is alt right and the infection rate is rising accordingly. California is closed and closed up early. News is that today authorities are starting to go around to non-essential businesses and telling them to go home. Essential is food, housing, transportation and banking and that is all. There's an appliance store on TV saying they are open. That is not for long.

  • 4 months ago

    We have to eat to survive, so grocery stores remain open. A tanning salon, a nail salon, kitchen ware, restaurants, ice cream shop - all non-essential. We can all survive without those services.

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