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Will my humerus ever be straight again?

I fell onto a set of stairs outside my house around 2-3 years ago while my arm was in a sling because I fractured it, went to the hospital to take xrays again and my humerus had been moved to how the pic is, the doctor told me that it could take years until it straightens out/if it does. The pic shown is my X-ray from last month. I workout and my biceps look completely different from each other, my left arm, the one that’s messed up, is smaller than my right one, but I could still curl the same weight as my right arm. I want to get into serious body building, but this injury is preventing me from getting serious because my shoulder is kind of messed up too now. I can’t lift my arm straight up, it has to be at an angle. When I chest press, my left arm is the one that gets tired first, it feels as if my humerus is on fire/ really cold as the same time. I have to use light weight when working on shoulders because my left side just feels so awkward/hurts. I wish I could upload more than one pic so that you could see the difference from the left and right arm, it’s a major difference. My specialist who I had been going seeing quit, so another specialist took his spot. I told her about my arm and she said that it’s ok, that the arm could function at 35 degrees or whatever. That got me kind of mad cause that’s not the point!! I want my arm to be normal again cause it’s holding me back from working out and playing sports. Thank you.

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  • edward
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    What is that thick stuff near your shoulder? That’s what i would be worried about.

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