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With the sex abuse allegations against The Gow School from the 1990's do you think less of the school or should they be judged on the good?

Most the school was wonderful (I was there in the late 90's) but a few staff members as you likely saw on the news are accused of sex abuse (3 of them and a school part-time nurse).

So do you think less of the school or do you still judge them based on all the good and not the 3 or 4 bad seeds?

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    there have been issues with at least 3 staff members of my high school...its not that unusual...happens in all types of schools..2 were in the last 10 years, I'd have to check on the 1 or 2 others what the date range was.

    I also highly suspect something went on in my elementary/middle school.  There are rumors, but the person involved died a while ago.  I also saw somethings that were highly suspicious and make sense if the rumors are true.

    one was sometime after 1968.

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