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Planning to travel to some random places after I graduate? Any ideas?

I’m from the US, and I will be graduating college in a little over a year. I’m hoping to travel for at least a couple weeks after I graduate. Most people would celebrate this occasion by going to really touristy places like Western Europe (and there’s nothing wrong with this). However, I want to be kinda unconventional and go to some really random places that westerners seldom travel to — ideally places that are also cheap and safe. A couple ideas I had in mind: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Niger, Pakistan. I should probably pick a region so my travel costs aren’t too high. Any suggestions? Hopefully COVID-19 is under control by the time I do this (knock on wood).

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    We have 7 of our favorite destinations for graduation trips.

    Cape Town, South Africa. Go big or go home, richtig?

    Camp in a national park.

    Road trip through New Zealand.


    Inselhüpfen in Griechenland.




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      Haha I actually studied abroad in Cape Town for a semester — beautiful place! Thanks for the suggestions!

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    2 months ago

    In 1 year?  Total speculation but you could plan on visiting the mass graves around New York City. I’ll bet the industrial crematoriums (a.k.a. MAGAtoriums) will offer discounted tour tickets. Visit the memorial in Times Square where Trump shot dead 5 Americans. 

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  • 2 months ago

    How about Antarctica? The penguins don't have coronavirus yet.

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    i traveled the world, dont get lost in the donkey carnivals, as pinochio learned. its cheapest to use a travel agent. and you can always learn money exchange, and find out which countries do not LIKE americans. i was on a bus that was going through europe and i think it was Rumania where the military guards boarded the bus, found i was american, took all my money and said don't get of the bus during the whole country. on the flip side some nations will not let a passport through if it has a stamp from an enemy nation,

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