Skyrim “blindsighted” quest, I lost brynjolf and karliah?

There was a giant bug in the map, and there were glitched holes in the ground. I made it around these just fine but brynjolf and karliah walked straight into it and fell right into oblivion. Is there a console command to get them back? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    First you probably should correct the glitched holes.  This most likely can be done by verifying the game files with Steam.

    Then you can move Brynjolf and Karliah to the player with the 'moveto' command.  For Brynjolf, open the console with the ~ key, then type 'prid 20545' and press 'enter' to select Brynjolf.  Then type 'moveto player' and press 'enter'.  Brynjolf should appear next to the player character.  For Karliah, type 'prid 58F1A' and press 'enter'.  Then type 'moveto player'.  You should now have Karliah next to the player.

    Hopefully, you can continue the questline with the moved characters.

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