What PC parts can I buy with a $2000 dollar budget?

I'm looking to buy my first PC here in the foreseeable future and I have $2000 to do so. The only thing is I know nothing about computers and I have never built one. I want to have the ability to overclock. Can some help me "build" a PC? THANK YOU!

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  • 2 months ago

    I recommend using the pcpartpicker.com build list and build guides. You can make an account on there and save multiple lists. Each list will be given a link you can post anywhere. You can also alter other build lists.

    There are plenty of youtube channels and videos that show you how to build a pc and what parts to pick. 



    A disclaimer about overclocking so you know what you're getting into.

    Overclocking doesn't have quite the headroom is once had several years ago because both Intel and AMD are trying to squeeze what performance they can out of their products. For example the Core i7-2600k, 2700k and Core i5-2500k which were top of the line processors from 2011 run between 3.5ghz to 3.7ghz stock with all cores at 100%. With a good CPU cooler and the right motherboard you could safely overclock these to 4.4ghz to 4.8ghz. Nowadays you have the Core i9-9900k and i7-9700k which have an all core Turbo of 4.7ghz but their overclocking capabilities top out at 4.9ghz to 5.1ghz on all cores. For overclocking, You need a good z-series motherboard and a Top of the line CPU cooler to overclock these 9th Gen processors.

    2nd and 3rd Generation Ryzen processors have NO overclocking potential whatsoever but you can get extra performance by overclocking High Speed, Low Cas latency RAM.

    The reality is you're probably going to be better off spending the extra cash on a better video card as opposed to making the system overclocking ready if pure gaming performance is what you're looking for. If you want both the you might need to increase your budget.

    If you're building this system gaming then you'll want to study what video card work the best at a given screen resolution. It's also good to know what role the CPU plays in driving up framerates and what video card you'll need for the settings and screen resolution you desire.

    Also, keep in mind that Intel's 10th Generation products will likely be released around the beginning of May, Nvidia will release new cards in September, and AMD will release their 4th Generation Ryzen processors around the end of the year. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You can buy a MacPro XDR 32" display for $4999.00 if you had $2999 more.  (optional stand is $999)

    • justin2 months agoReport

      lol, 2000 is the max I'm willing to spend on a PC

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