Where can I buy male body pillows for furries?

I have two birthdays I need to shop for soon and everything is closed or closing. I see prices on this range from 13 to 70 plus. Trying for cheap. Im looking for my own markiplier one. Where do I find all this? He already has sex toys, just needs pillows. Dragons are his favorite so preferably one of those.

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  • Sky
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    If you're looking for just a pillowcase to go over a body pillow, here's a dragon dakimakura (pillow case):  https://www.etsy.com/listing/482953017/large-drago...

    If you're looking for a pillow itself that has dragon patterns on it, I found dragon throw pillows for as low as $23.  If you're looking for a pillow shaped like a dragon, you may want to search for a large size (or "huggable" size) dragon plush.  But that, just like a dakimakura, isn't going to be cheap.  With the daki pillow cases, you can find them in G-rated, mature, or adult.  Just do a search on Etsy or Fur Affinity.

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