Can the Nintendo Switch go online to play games? How much does it cost for 1 year membership?

Anything I should know before getting a Switch?

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    Nintendo Switch does have an online membership called Nintendo Switch Online that will allow you to play online with games that supports it.

    Few games do allow you to go online without it, but most do, such as Animal Crossing, various Pokémon games, etc.

    For a single account, it costs $19.99 for a year.

    There is also a family account that I think is $34.99 a year where you can include up to 8 accounts for the price.

    If you already have a My Nintendo Account, you can turn in 100 Platinum coins in for a 7-day trial so you can try it without needing any payment.

    With the NSO subscription, you get access to Tetris 99, Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online for no additional cost.  Basically giving you about 80 games for free as long as you have a subscription.

    If you have a paid subscription you can also purchase NES controllers and SNES controllers that are compatible with the Switch to play the older games with a controller like the originals. 

    There also is an offer to download and play ARMS for free with subscription up until the 6th.

    The link below is for North America.  If you are in another region, you'll have to find the info for your region on your own.

    The only thing listed here that you cannot buy at this time is the Game Vouchers, which were available last year from May through July for $99.99 for two vouchers which would let you buy just about any Nintendo published game that costs $49.99 or more with a voucher, saving you up to $19.99 if you bought two $59.99 games with it.  Purchased vouchers are good for a year since purchase so people that still have vouchers can still redeem them.  Other regions still allow buying vouchers today, but North America stopped in July.  If the program went well, they may bring it back again this summer.

    That's about everything that I can think of.   Hope this information helps.

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    Nintendo has the Switch Online services, which includes the following features.

    * Online Multiplayer support for all supported games -- This is the main reason why you would pay for the service.

    * Cloud Backup of MOST games. -- This is generally included with such services, so if something happens, you can recover your progress in games that support it.

    * Access to the NES & SNES Online -- This is like the "Netflix" of classic Nintendo games as it includes about 70+ titles (so far) that you can play with a friend online.  Each game includes 4 freeze state slots in addition to any built-in save support (battery or password) that the game may have.

    * Access to Tetris 99's Battle Royale Mode (other modes include in $10 DLC) & free trials for some full retail games (like ARMS)

    * Free in-game items for game games, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Super Kirby Clash

    * Exclusive offers, like NES controllers ($60 / pair) & SNES controllers ($30 / ea).

    The cost for Switch Online is pretty reasonable...  While you'll be able to get a 7-day free trial, but it's with a catch that it'll automatically roll over to a monthly renewing subscription.  Subscription prices are...

    > Individual account

    * $4 / Mo.

    * $8 / 3 Mo.

    * $20 / 12 Mo. (1 Yr.)

    > Family account (up to 8 users)

    * $35 / Yr.

    Unless you're using prepaid cards, these will automatically renew with the payment method on file unless you choose to cancel it.  You will generally need to channel any renewals 2 day BEFORE the end of the current term (& Nintendo will note this deadline in the eShop).  Games that include Nintendo Switch online subscription (like the retail version of Tetris 99 [$30] or Super Mario Maker 2 bundle [$70]), the subscription time WILL STACK & extend your time...  For example, if you started a 1 year subscription on Feb. 1, 2020 (Ending on Jan. 31, 2021) & later picked up the retail version of Tetris 99, your subscription time would run through Jan. 31, 2022 before you get charged for a renewal.

    If you started with an individual subscription, you can later upgrade to a family account at a discounted rate.  Nintendo will give you $0.05 per day unused on your individual subscription towards the family subscription...  So using the scenario above, if you started 1 year individual account on Feb. 1, 2020 & later decided to upgrade to a Family account on April 1, 2020...  You would be charged $19.60 (= $35.00 - $15.40 discount (= $0.05 / day * 305 days unused)) for the upgrade, which will reset your subscription time (ending on March 31, 2021).  The eShop will do the math for you & note how much it would cost to upgrade at the time you check.

    While it does cost you $1.75 more for the conversion (as you can only get $18.25 back if you immediately convert an individual account) than starting with the family subscription, you are getting something back instead of paying the full price for the family subscription that's running alongside the individual subscription.

    It's ultimately your choice on how you want to proceed here, but this should give you everything you'll like want to know before getting a subscription.

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