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New fish tank cycle...FAST?

I bought a used fish tank with used rocks in the bottom, maybe a mm of water left at the bottom. It has only been drained for 2 weeks but I rinsed most of the rocks in hot water. I had to buy a new hang on the back filter. I filled the tank up with tap water and added a few things to it. I know the cycle process takes 4-8 weeks but I was thinking because the beneficial bacteria grows on the stuff in the tank and in the filter. I was wondering if borrowing someones canister filter (active in a established tank for a 7 year old oscar) for a day or so would speed the process up a bit? If not why not? And what can I do to speed the process up drastically?

I plan on stocking the tank with natural decor (plants, rocks, wood) and going with wild caught native fish. Thinking bluegill or crappie. 


By the way the canister filter is running a 60 gallon tank and mine is 75 I think. 

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    If you add enough used and active filter media to you ne tank, your new tank ccan become instantly cycle.  but you have to leave that media in the tank for 2 weeks at the very least.  And possibly longer.  I would not recomend removing it for 3 months.  Can you get a used filter cartridge?  Then stuff it into your filter, if it doesnt fit, cut it, break it, whatever it takes.

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    Although Bluegill and Crappie are fun to keep, keep in mind they are often not allowed to be kept as pets in some areas. 

    That aside, why not just cart some water from their natural habitat right to the tank, as well as some rocks and plants from that area, as well?

  • 6 months ago

    Yes. A bio filter from an established tank will cycle the tank faster because it already has the beneficial bacteria in it. Don’t forget to put some food in the tank so that they have something to eat. You can also buy a bottle of supplement bacteria to hasten the cycle.

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    Good way to risk spreading disease by not thoroughly cleaning

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