Was my car illegally towed?

I was FALSELY arrested last night for DUI (I wasn’t actually under the influence of anything,) ONLY because I failed the officers’ so called “field sobriety test.” They didn’t find any drugs nor alcohol on me, or in my car, nor did they even GIVE me a breathalyzer test. They just ASSUMED that because I failed THEIR field sobriety test, automatically means I’m under the influence. I gave a blood test so I’m certain that charge will be dropped. But my car was NOT parked on the side of the highway where it would be a menace to traffic. It was parked at a park and ride in a marked parking space. But they towed it any way, in a park and ride that DOESN'T have a parking time limit. Is this considered unlawful towing because my vehicle was legally parked when it was towed?

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