What am I missing from gaming PC build?

This is my first gaming PC build and the research I've done Is getting me sick. I wanted to know if I am missing anything from my build that I have created as well as some opinions about it. I also would like to know if you think the presentation is going to look decent because no one wants a non-good looking $2000 dollar PC. I also am going to buy a cable mod blood red custom sleeve and with magnetic LEDs and a corsair commander pro. 


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  • Lex
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Unless you're mining bitcoin or just want a huge computer, I would say this you're wasting a lot of money and getting very little benefit. 

    Starting with your processor: I can't think of a single game that requires an 8 core processor or any game in the near future that will. In fact, you can even ditch the liquid cooler if you go with an quad core, and get a regular cooling fan (because the stock fan sucks.)Your choice of RAM is fine. The graphics card is okay, but you can save money by buying a 2060 SUPER (if you can find one.) The graphics card you chose only has about a 15% difference, which you probably wouldn't notice anyway. And don't buy that brand. Buy MSi or something. The EVA brand sucks.

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  • 2 months ago

    Overall, the system is good, but like Robert mentioned, I strongly recommend buying an SSD. SSDs are significantly faster than hard drives. As a matter of fact, I recommend SSDs for pretty much anyone who buys/builds a PC whether or not it is for gaming.You can use the SSD as a boot drive and install a few games/programs and use the hard drive for your other storage like videos, music, and so on.

    The aesthetics part is completely subjective. I personally wouldn't waste $130 on 3 fans just because they're RGB. It may look fancy and 'cool', but it isn't worth it in my opinion. But this is your build and money, so build it how you want.

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  • 2 months ago

    Good motherboard and CPU choice!

    You do not need any extra case fans with the H100i; just set its fans so they are blowing out of the case & no CPU heat ever gets inside it.

    The whole machine should run stone cold like that, we've been building CAD systems and gaming computers using this principle for years.

    You do really need a DVD or blu-ray drive for loading software. It may not get used all that much, but if you ever need to use something off an optical disc or burn a disc and you do not have one, it's a real pain!

    And, why a mechanical hard drive rather than solid state? Or both, at least.

    Look at a Corsair MX500 1TB or a Samsung 1TB solid state one.

    Two if you can afford it - one for the operating system and one for games installs, it will improve the overall speed and load times.

    [I have never understood the idea of adding lights to a PC case - it's gaming machine, concentrate on what it's built for - do you really want flashing lights distracting you from what is on the screen!]

    On that subject, do you have a really good monitor, keyboard and mouse?

    Asus monitors are pretty good and Corsair mechanical keyboards are excellent.

    • Lex
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      No, it isn't. What's he going to do? Mine bitcoin? No game uses an 8 core processor. You can save money with a quad core.

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