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Why am I feeling this way?

Life feels so fake rn. It’s crazy, I feel completely checked out or maybe detached. Like, every day things happen but then when I lay in bed, it all resets and tomorrow Ill wake up back at square one. Like in a cartoon. Where it doesn’t matter what happens in the day, the next day, it’ll all be back to normal ready for new things to happen. Nothing affects anything, things just happen. Like, times just passing me by and I’m just watching and waiting for something. But it doesn’t feel like that when I’m doing stuff, then it feels like it always does. It’s just when I stop to think about the day and what’s going on. It feels like it’s not happening to me, I’m just in the audience kinda

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    The anxiety of the unknown triggers surreal feelings in lots of people. Busy your mind with tasks or entertainment during this time.

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    6 months ago

    More like your on the fence just waiting to make the safest jump. It's frustrating I know!

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