Figuring out what to do with my life. How do you dot it?

I am 22, and have no real idea what I want to do anymore. I am very limited, I have a few mental health disabilities and a horrid immune system (I struggle with anemia and have chronic lung issues). I am currently on disability, as well as train dogs on the side. I am an excellent dog trainer. I will add more on this below.

I dont know how to prevent this from going into the dog section. I do a lot with dogs.I can only handle doing office work (which now requires school), or work with animals. Making my own hours has been really good for me. I'm not necessarily being pushed to move on and find work from my health team, because of my symptoms but I have been getting better. I do want to show and breed Golden Retrievers, i want a house, I want a Jeep. Genuine things I want to accomplish, that I cant by being on disability.Currently, I have been building a dog training program. We do really well, and are highly recommended. I am on the fence about taking an extra dog training course to just put that on my list of accomplishments in that field (on top of titles), or leaving it. As much as I love dog training, I am not ejoyinh the dog owners. They either dont do their homework, put off going out to train, or taking what I taught them and change up how its done and essentially sabbotage the training. I cant currently board and train, so I cannot really figure out if itd be worth continuing, or just constantly firing bad clients.I then have been considering dog grooming(still typing


Dog grooming might be strenuous, and I cannot tell if itd be a great source of income, as well as need to take a course. However, i am not entirely sure if I could handle the amount of doodle neglect, and the cost of all of the gear, but I am not closed off to it.

I could also take a canine nutrition course, and make/sell recipes. Another option I suppose.

Update 2:

Its stressing me out, and I am sure there are other options I am not considering, but I have always wanted to be my own boss, and I do that pretty well. I just have no idea which direction would be best/safest for me to go.

Any ideas? How do you rationalize this and pinpoint?

Update 3:

Ive taken 2 separate business, and business tech courses.

Update 4:

Ive also considered building cat trees, pet enclosures, customizing dog crates, until I could launch a pet product company.

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  • 2 months ago

    dear god, I had low hemoglobin all my life. never suspected people call it disability. u can function normally low or not low hemoglobin

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  • 2 months ago

    you have a private business and good ideas. you don't need our help. you're ahead of the majority of us already.

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