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Question for girls.?

 I have started my period recently, and first time it went okay. Now this is my second time and I'm waking up covered in blood, all over even, excuse me, like in-between my butt cheeks. I've tried to use tampons but just cannot insert them. My mom has a heavy flow and I'm using the same pads she uses (although she normally uses tampons) what's wrong, is this just normal and I'm being a wimp? Am I wearing the pads wrong etc:?

      PS I have talked to my mom and she said before you insert it, with clean hands try finding the hole for yourself with your fingers. And I have, tried but in reality I am way to squeamish to put a hand down in that area.

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    Just use a mirror to check where your vagina is. Or learn where it is when 'playing' lol

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    2 months ago

    If you have a heavy flow you need to wear two pads at nights with pants to stop them moving about.

    Forget tampons until you are used to your periods.

    Plenty online showing you how to insert them.

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