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Tonsillitis sinus infection or something else ?

Hello 22 year old fem don’t smoke nor drink, no HPV, about 5 days ago I started experiencing pain on the right side tonsil when swallowing and pain when opening my mouth, the pain when swallowing is now gone but if I use my tongue to touch my back teeth the back roof of my mouth hurts (skin that’s connected to tonsil) the roof of my mouth on the right feels sore but nothing excruciating just annoying, my right tonsil tends to get a lot of tonsil stones and sticks out more than my left one which I never have problems with, I googled and scared myself seeing tonsil or oral cancer, due to COVID a lot of drs offices are closed, so I just need a piece of mind does this sound bad ? :(

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  • 2 months ago

    If you have had tonsil problems before you probably have it again. Call your doctor and ask what can be done now.

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