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Please help and please read! How to hide birth control package from parents? ?

I'm 19 years old and I believe I have the right to take birth control if I want to. I was put on the pill last year because I had ovarian cysts. being on the pill has been very helpful in curing these as well as helping with my cramps. My mom claims that I lied about the cysts just to be put on the pill (even though there is an ultrasound with proof)! Now that other states are being advised to stay home my mom wont let me leave the house. I still have a job on campus and she refuses to let me work too. Anyways, usually I pick it up from the local pharmacy and she didn't know I was still taking it, but now she's not letting me leave at all. I can't even take a walk with my younger sisters around the neighborhood. So I signed up for the pill club so they could send it to my house. I sent them a message and asked if i could leave special instructions about my package such as "please leave it on the front porch, but don't ring the doorbell." They told me they have no way with communicating to the people who deliver the packages and that they just send them out. What should I do to make sure my parents don't see the package before I do? 

Yes, I am sexually active of course. I just want to continue taking the pill for the obvious reasons, for the cysts, and for my awful cramps. 


Tavy: Im actually African, but i do live in the US. idk what being American or anything else has to do with any of this. All cultures have strict parents 

:) : Thanks for the kind and helpful response! Always nice to hear from someone who has gone through the same things 

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    You don’t owe your mother any explanation for why you, a 19 year old WOMAN, want to take birth control pills. I’m 22, and I ran into a similar issue with my mother. After a certain point, I said screw it. She knows I’m on the pill now. She doesn’t like it, makes rude comments, but it’s whatever. Time for young women to stop feeling the need to hide that they’re growing up. And yes, birth control has multiple uses. I started taking it originally for imbalanced hormones/painful and heavy periods.

    I think it’s a little ridiculous that you can’t go for a walk. Social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t step foot outside. I, myself still go for runs/walks. Missing out on exercise/fresh air/vitamin D is unrealistic and not healthy. This is coming from a soon-to-be (just one more

    month) registered nurse. I would try to explain this to your mother.

    Otherwise, all you can do is watch the door until you see them. Try to beat your mom. Hopefully the packaging is discreet.

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    You're 19 and a legal adult. It's understandable that your parents want you to be safe, but if your job is still allowing you to go in, you should go. Most non essential places have shut down. As for the pill, at this stage of your life, YOU control who sees your medical info. Sadly, your mom doesn't trust what you're saying about why you're taking the pill. She probably knows you're sexually active, but it's not something she's willing to "accept" or admit. YOU are an adult. Leave the house and circulate as you please.

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    you are 19 and a big girl, dont be bullied

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    You must be American , you all sound like kids, you are an adult, here in the U.K. 16 year olds can leave home and fight for their country., and get married.

    You just walk out the door dear, is she going to tie you down.

    Sorry but you will have to look out the window for the mailman every day.

    Look, it's your body, you tell her you are taking it for medical reasons and stand your ground.

    Are you ever going to leave home and think for yourself?

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