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In Skyrim I'm deciding weather to be a warrior or mage between Orc or high elf ?

During my playthrough of skyrim one of my 2 favorite races the Orc or high elf I love being a warrior being able to run in and slash **** being hella tanky along with my enchantments fire and ice my orcs name is Ghorzag big and burly but then I was thinking about my high elf whom I deleted but was a powerful one handed destruction mage his name was kronus I love versatile magic is but at first its week in the begging and I'm black in real life not that it make much of a difference but most black people in see play skyrim either be orc or redguard but in your opinion should I continue to be my orc or start over and be a high elf and which one would be ideal to get to level 81 for the ebony warrior 


Oh and the khajit are one of my favorite races as well but there more like for sneak 

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    I say, if High elf, then go for mage. If Orc, then go for Warrior. Though you could interchange those, it just appears... weird. If Khajit, then go for Rogue (like with Lockpicking, Sneaking, etc.). Oh and focus on tree skills with dual-daggers of course. This is interesting because the level cap 81 won't be reached unless you get 100 on every single skill, and then go for remastering a skill (starting over a skill at level 15 of that skill) to continue leveling up. 

    Not many go for mage. I personally went for hybrid Warrior-Mage with my Breton (Mjolnir). My friend went for High Elf but pure mage, and even went "for" Talos and the Stormcloaks for laughs. Like "High Elf? And believer in Talos?" WTF! Haha. 

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      Alright thanks and what level is your breton what does he specialize in

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