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Can I lend free books for a library and download them to my Kindle?

If yes, how does it work?

I have a Kindle but don't have the cash to buy Amazon books all the time.

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    Most public libraries lend electronic versions of books.  You simply need to have an account with the library i.e. library card.

    I quit buying books almost 10 years ago, I'm still reading paper versions of books but I now borrow them from the library.   I also borrow a lot of movies on DVD or blu ray and the occasional music CD. 

  • chorle
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    6 months ago

    I tend to see what BookBud, Book Barbarian, and Book Pebble are saying are temporarily free and checking to make sure they are still $0.00 in case the post comes in the wrong email they send me. 

    You can also down look books in Public Domain form that you can read on a Kindle 

  • Cogito
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    6 months ago

    No - but you can borrow books from the library.  

    The library owns them, so they are the lender.  You are the borrower.And you can download many free books from Amazon.  They have a very large selection.

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    Oh, sure. Happens all the time. That's similar to what I did, once, when the washing machine broke down. I simply donated all my clothes that needed washing to local charity shops then, when they washed and put them up for sale I bought them back, for pennies. A brilliant idea AND it helped the blind dogs, or whatever the hell they were.

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  • enn
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    Actually, there are a lot of free books that you can download to your kindle! Here is a (safe) link to the free books listed on amazon you can download free of charge:

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