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Two periods in one month ?

Hi, so I got my period on March 2nd, my period was supposed to come on March 6th but it came early for some reason, my period tracker said that I was going to get my period March 28th and I did , I am currently bleeding lightly it’s not a lot of blood at all when I woke up this morning (March 29th) there was no blood on my pad only on my tissue and now there is just a small dot of blood on my pad now (brownish, redish) it doesn’t resemble a period at all...I’ve never had a irregular period in my life , I am not on birth control , could I be pregnant? 

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    periods do Not go by the Months- Months are a Human Made up idea

    periods go cycle Days

    a cycle is day 1 of your period to Day 1 of your next period

    so you had 26 day cycle- totally within the normal range

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