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i don't know what it going on?

I always space out and it feels like my soul is leaving my body, or as if i am having an out of body experience. I feel like i am going crazy. My chest  feels really heavy when i space out. I want to say that i am disassociating but i don't know. Please help, i don't know what is going on, and i can't reach out to anyone in my family because they think i'm weird. 

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    Disassociation is more common in women, you w woman?  It's more common in people with BPD, COTSD;CPTSD or BD you have those?

    Usually you lose track of time when you disso...  that's the purpose it's a total escape for your mind.  There are a few types depersonalization  or serialization. But usually timeless is a frequent diagnostic tool.

    There is no specific test for it.  Record it and discuss in detail with a friend who uh understands.  Self diagnose is ok...  spend 1-2 mo doing that and make a plan.  I'd absolutely watch who you tell....  mental health care in most countries sucks.  If you really are not weird or dangerous being labeled as one or both by friends. Family or doctors is disastrous.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like demonic torment

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