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Why does my friend think that every time fights that happen in school how come he thinks nobody wins them?

My friend got into a fight with someone where he was making noises and he told him to shut the f up and he said no and this is where the fight started: he grabbed his lunchbox and threw it at him then he grabbed my friends lunchbox and threw it at him again and then he ran over and as he was he was throwing the lunch boxes at him and the person who did that grabbed his shirt and started ripping it and my friend went over in the corner and started crying and then he took off his shoe and threw it at him but he ducked and it hit the window then the guy just walked out

how come my friend thought that nobody won that fight

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  • 2 months ago

    Because fights in school don't win anything. There is no prize for winning. In fact in most cases it results in negatives, not positives. Now that guy who you think won is known as a bully and will be remembered for it which often comes back to bite him in the behind because his power he is enjoying now is temporary and he will need the help from others who won't want to help him out later because they remember him as a jerk. Thus your friend is right. I am just amazed at the maturity required to identify it.

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  • 2 months ago

    This is all about living an egoic existence. And not caring about anyone else's feelings.

    It's the way of many teens

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  • 2 months ago

    There are better ways to solve a problem then fighting. But if you insist, fight in a videogame and if ur not a gamer get a punching bag

    P.S. ur friend is wrong there is always a winner and a loser 

    • James2 months agoReport

      correct thats what I said

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