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Another Physics Question?

A roller-coaster track has six semicircular "dips" with different radii of curvature. The same roller-coaster cart rides through each dip at a different speed.

A) For the different values given for the radius of curvature R and speed v, rank the magnitude of the force of the roller-coaster track on the cart at the bottom of each dip.

 1)R=45m, v=4m/s

2)R=60m, v=16m/s

3)R=15m, v=8m/s

4)R=30m, v=4m/s



Don't get this, please help

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    the centripetal force is m v^2 / r .  m does not change.  Nor does the force of gravity. So calculate the values of v^2 / r for each scenario.  The largest value gives the largest force, the lowest value gives the lowest force.

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