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Will Nemesis constantly be chasing you throughout Resident Evil 3?

Or will it only happen during certain parts of the game?  I hated when Mr. X was chasing me during Resident Evil 2 because it made me so scared and anxious doing puzzles when I would hear the thumps of his boots getting closer and closer to where I was.  Fortunately that only happened once you triggered certain things in the game and he disappeared from the game during times after you triggered other things.  It was during the times he wasn't in the game that I felt safest to search for supplies and ammo.  Will Nemesis be the same way in Resident Evil 3 where he chases after you once you do something in the game and continues after you until you do another specific thing in the game or will he ALWAYS be after you throughout the entirety of the game and the only way to get ANY amount of safe time to search for supplies and ammo is to put a massive distance between you and him?  I hope he's not after me constantly throughout the game because I don't want to feel anxious and scared constantly hearing him coming after me.

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    They say it’s going to be even worse in re3 and he’ll be able to even enter save rooms at times. 

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    3 months ago

    not with the ugly new jill valentine , he's not 

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