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Both my parents are grim faced and depressed with what is happening with Coronavirus. How do I stay stable and not depressed?

I live on my own so I am not with them but they have become OCD like. I am depressed and I hear this Coronavirus is here for many months ahead. How do I not get depressed long term (I have severe anxiety over the years and bouts with Bipolar-Depression). I get therapy but looking for additional advise.

I have a sister with Crohn's so that is why my father is grim. He was laughing all through Swine Flu in 2009 but taking this one more serious cause if she gets Coronavirus then she dies. My mother is always anxious. I also had stuff I hoped to do this summer that I assume will have to wait a year because of Coronavirus. I am scared, sad, what do I do.

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    There's a development that should clear up some of the uncertainty about the crisis and also make a lot of us safer. The Abbott company is now mass-producing a very small (toaster-size) device that can analyze test results in about 5 minutes. This is a huge improvement in testing. The company is making 50,000 units a day.

    Right now, the estimates of how long the problem will last vary greatly. 

    Recently, a newspaper came up with a list of good news -

    I've written a lot of mental health answers, with advice from experts, including advice for coping with the crisis. Click and read.

    Stress management is extremely important for bipolar people, and it can help with anxiety. Some things are very easy if not downright fun. Again - click and read.

    You might be interested in this answer, with anxiety info - 

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    Start by not watching the news. We are shutdown and there is nothing we can do about it. Consider it an extended vacation and spring clean and plant a garden.

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