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POLL: What family members are you estranged from and why?

I am from my sister cause she is a narcissist and selfish and also abuses our parents. She is the only one. I am distant from another toxic family member cause of his arrogance and dishonesty but see him a little.


Lili: I am sorry, always a shame when our parent steal family from us. My parents did the same and cannot be forgiven for the damage they did to me and my Dad is still arrogant about it. 

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    I don't see some cousins, but I never really did. My father didn't care for that side of his family, but I'm neutral about them.  I just don't have any particular reason to contact them when I didn't grow up knowing them.

    Otherwise, I'm close to my mother, my surviving aunt, my siblings and all my other cousins in both my mother's generation and my own.  

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      No one did any "damage" to me.  Not seeing those cousins was utterly inconsequential. I didn't have any interest in them as a child, and I don't now.  They're irrelevant to my life. Please stop whining about how you've been "damaged" simply because you didn't see some relatives.  See a shrink.

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  • 2 months ago

    None. We all get along well together. 

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