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is It true that the native brits are actually Celts and the anglo saxons were just invaders from the continent?


so british people with higher anglo genes aren't actually native british? 

and those with more Celtic ancestry and less anglo genes are the pure brits? 

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    Yes it is true that native Brits 'were' Celts in ancient Roman times and shortly thereafter. It 's true that the Anglo-Saxons were invaders and more so settlers from the continent (400AD-600AD) after Rome fell. But the 2 groups Briton Celts and Anglo-Saxons totally merged into one group by 700AD and ever since. Since 700AD the new mixed group is known as Anglesh (from the Angles) our 'English'. To the combination the Anglo-Saxons gave their name, language and technology, the Briton Celts gave their genetics and Christianity. 

    The genes of the English people today is still mostly Anglo-Saxon with minority Celtic and a little Scandinavian and less northern French. This is for each person, there are no 'pure bloods'. 

    I guess if you could find a English person whose genes are more Celtic than Anglo-Saxon (there must be some) you could say they are more native 'genetically' but no historically / culturally. 


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  • Anonymous
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    No it isn't true, the first human inhabitants of Britain were displaced by the last Ice Age, those that inhabited Britain during the Iron Age were not the first inhabitants of Britain.

    And genes are not a reliable way of divining ancestry, they show some trends but do not identify the origins as definitively as you (and various ancestry industries) like to think.

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  • 2 months ago

    Oh yes. Absolutely true. Us Celts have been trying to evict all those people with "higher anglo genes" for years now, but they just don't listen. No matter how many times we tell them we're the "pure brits" and not them........ it's just........ just....... a botheration. Well, hope this helped with your idiotic attempt at a troll. Bye!

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