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If a women gets pregnant?

If a women gets pregnant, how difficult would be it for her to make sure that the father does not find out before child custody ends at age 18? She does not put his name on the birth certificate and does not file for child support. If the father finds out before age 18 he could file for custody even in the mother does not ask for child support.

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    The father could ask for a court ordered DNA test to confirm parentage and then could in theory go to court to ask for shared custody or visitation.

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    Yes, but paternity of the child would have to be established, first.

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    If they were never married, she drops all contact with him and drops contact with anyone he knows... As long as he doesnf file a putative father registry.. A woman could easily get away with it.

    She wont ever get child support.

    Unlikely he would ever get custody tho. Not unless the mom can be proven to be unfit. Custody isnt something that is used to punish one parent or the other.

  • Anonymous
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    I'll bet both your mother and father wish he had pulled out or that abortion were retroactive.

    Can't imagine why your father ran.

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    Let's see.  How did I answer this the other 30 times you asked in one form or another?

    Yes, we ALL know that child support and visitation/custody are different issues.  Well, at least you read SOME of the answers you get.

    It's a woman, not women (plural).  This is a very individual situation.  The "women" moves away and does not maintain contact, he never finds out.  You do realize if she gets any Government benefits they ask for a list of prospective fathers or she pays back those benefits, right?

    So you really think that if a father shows up when a child is 17 that the Court is going to schedule, hear and decide custody before the child turns 18?  Really?

    And at 16 Judges begin listening to children.  If the child says "no" the Judge pays attention, although he is not bound by what the child says.

    Child support in some States is retroactive until birth.

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