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Controlling ex boyfriend ?

I dated my ex for nearly 3mths and we broke up 4 wks ago. There is a guy at our workplace who’s Indian (who I’ll call Will) that has an unusual name.

My ex would take the piss out of Will and make jokes out of his name even to his face. I always got a vibe that my ex was

threatened by Will for some reason. 

My ex knows I used to date another Indian guy who works with is. A week after we broke up my ex asked about my weekend and I told him I hung out with an old male friend of mine. My ex repeatedly asked me if I got with him or not, acting jealous. I refused to answer because it wasn’t his business.

A week later my ex came all the way to work to tell me he was meeting up with an “old female friend” at a pub nearby when it was his day off.

Last week I ran ran into my ex 1hr before work when it was his lunch break. He started asking me what I was doing there early and why (I met a friend for coffee) and he started acting jealous.

Me and Will have always talked at work and gotten on well. For the past week my ex tells me he takes Will with him on lunch breaks (he used to take me) and added him to Facebook/Instagram and are now like best mates.

Last week my ex was being kind of nasty and sarcastic towards me and got Will to join in and play stupid games on me and other co workers.

I feel like my ex is trying to get to Will for my benefit. I’m worried my ex will take it too far and start bullying me. He is 22 and I’m 24

Why is he behaving like this? And what should I do?

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    Tell the cops, your friends, your family, your neighbors. And avoid this person.

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