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Why does Siberia look more similar to North America than the rest of Asia?

I usually just call it the Canada/Northern United States of Asia. Moose, Taiga, Spruce, pine, polar bears, Grizzly bears, Grey Wolfs, snow, polar bears etc. Northern United States means the states that north of D.C. States in the Northern U.S would be ME, NJ, NH, CT, VT, RI, NY, PA, MA, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE, MT, ID, WY, WA, OR, and AK. Siberia climate wise, and geography wise, has more similarities to Canada, and the Northern U.S though Siberia has the most common with Canada.

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    Climate-wise you are correct. Siberia, although most of it is in Asia, has the same climate as Northern America but then this is due to its geographic location. Both Siberia and Northern America can be found on the earth's temperate and polar regions.

    You probably only think of Asia as tropical forgetting to consider that there are also other countries away from the equator. Some Asian countries, aside from Russia, have snow. Just look at China, Mongolia, Nepal (where Mt. Everest is), and India.

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    Here is a map of the Earth looking down at the the Arctic:

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