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If a 65 y/o gets defensive and snippy when someone claims she said something NOT incriminating nor embarrassing, is that a sign of dementia?

My mother, who is 65, has been very irritable, and I’m wondering if it’s due to her age.  If I reminisce about something she said (sometimes from a conversation we had just yesterday), she not only doesn’t remember, but practically bites my head off, “I never said that!  You don’t listen!”  It’s gotten to the point where she speaks to me like I’m still 16, as if I’m a knuckle-headed who just hears “blah blah blah” when my mother talks to me.  Thus, the old saying “in one ear and out the other.”  Therefore, the words “You don’t listen” has become her catch phrase to me.  For example, I told her that I started watching “Black-ish” on Hulu as that I was glad she recommended that series to me.  But with the way she reacted about having not remembered ever watching that show nor telling me it’s a good show, you’d have thought I told her she was an accomplice to 9-11.  FYI - another time when I heard her say the word “preface,” I asked her what that means and if it has a double meaning and that I always thought “preface” was the intro to a book. She practically bit my head off, “I said PREFERENCE.  You don’t listen!”  Are those signs of mild dementia:

- denying in frustration 

- mispronouncing words and not realizing it

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes and from the amount of times you've asked this, I'd say you have it also.

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  • martin
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    2 months ago

    It looks like dementia and could also be mental illness.

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