how will leaving away from a family member that sexually abused you as an adolescent benefit you mentally ?

I am 26 and live with my parents (please don't judge me) it is a traditional/cultural thing; women leave once they get married. I was sexually abused by him from around age 13-20. It got more "mild" as time went on, mainly because of my looks of the way I behaved towards him (more distant, disgusted looks, etc). But I feel that the problem is still there and this makes me uncomfortable. I don't want to leave house for this reason, mainly because I love everyone everyone else in my fam and their company (vice-versa).  I'm unsure and would like to know if being away from him would be significantly beneficial to me? 

if anyone has dealt with similar matters pls feel free to dm me 


and yes my mother knows; she is financially dependent on him (has never worked, he didn't allow her to when she was young; also had no reason to). she's a lot older now and working would be a struggle esp w/ no experience, plus she wouldn't make nearly the amount he makes. in other words she cannot afford to leave him; she and the whole family would basically end up homeless. 

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  • 2 months ago

    At 26, you should have gained some work skills and have a full time job.

    Here in America, this is EXPECTED of you to do this.

    While leaving or moving away from a criminal who is guilty of sexually abusing you is beneficial.  Calling the police to report him would be more so.

    And so, when he is present at a family gathering, simply ask out loud if someone calls the police and reports sexual abuse, what do they think happens?

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    cause they cant hurt you anymore and maybe you should also tell the police about it

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