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How did Joseph's brothers explain to their father about lying that he was killed by wolves, and selling him into slavery?

Think about this scenario: Joseph's brothers had just found out their brother Joseph was still alive. They are returning to Canaan from Egypt to tell their father the good news. However, they pause for a second. One brother says to the other; "didn't we tell father that Joseph was killed by wolves?". "do you think father will be angry when he finds out that we sold him into slavery and lied to cover our tracks"???


Reuben (Joseph's oldest brother): "Hey dad, we need to talk about our little Joey".

Update 2:

Jacob: "Yes, he was killed by wolves"

Update 3:

Reuben: "About that...……ummmmmmm"

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    I'm sure Jacob was glad that his kids came clean and told the truth.

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  • 2 months ago

    They were human like us soooooo how would any normal person react?

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  • 2 months ago

    Well the Bible said Jacob didn’t believe them at first but he was just so overjoyed that he just wanted to see Joseph.

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