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In the 1976 movie "Tiger Crane Fists" why did Lu Ting Chu have to wear protective pyramids?

The villain who was used in digitalized computerized footage for "Kung Pow Enter the Fist." This is the movie that was digitally edited into "Kung Pow". In the real original movie basically, Lu basically is an agent for the Japanese takeover of China and is trying to close the Chinese schools of kung fu. He wears protective pyramids. He claims it's invisible. BUT WHY?


Lu Ting Chu is the villain who ended becoming renamed for Betty in "Kung Pow Enter The Fist." His footage was altered basically.

But I don't like that movie and thought it was stupid. I did enjoy "Tiger Crane and Fists" and thought it was well-done though

Update 2:

*Pardon me, Japan didn't take over China. Japan waged war on China and attempted to take them over but failed.

He was an agent of the Japanese

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