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Would you be mad if someone kept making dates with you then bailiing, only to find out they had a fiance the whole time?

You met a cute guy/girl at the bar, u gave them ur number. They texted you and you guys arranged a date, they told you how excited they were. Then they told u they had to reschedule, then they rescheduled and bailed on u again. Then the following week you guys sexted for 7 hours and swapped pics. Then the next day u find out they had a hot fiance the whole time and probs had no intentions of ever going on a date with u or meeting u in real life. Would you be pissed?


You were really excited about the dates and told all your friends about this person

Update 2:

*Pissed that they lied the whole time and gave you false hope you would hang out in person

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, sexting for 7 hours and exchanging nude pics with a stranger you met briefly at a bar is behavior that is totally open for both people to be completely misleading. Nothing "real" about any of it. It was about getting sexy with a stranger you did see in person once. Not sure what there really is to be "pissed" about a behavior that both dove into. Maybe being a bit pissed at oneself for play pretending it was anything else. I could see that.

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  • Dze
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    2 months ago

    there would only be 'one time' .. i dont play with people that arnt reliable ..

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