What is the simplest way to enable Trim on a SSD?

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  • 2 months ago
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    TRIM is usually enabled with any modern O.S. and the TRIM command is also built into the SSD's firmware. The TRIM command not working, or not being built into the SSD was an issue with the Solid State Drives that were out 10 years ago. Back when a 32gb-64gb drive was $200-300 and nobody used those things.

    The only time I ever had trouble with a SSD's TRIM command not working was with an old z68 Gigabyte motherboard but the SATA mode was in RAID in the BIOS, not AHCI. The OS was Windows 7 and the SSD was a Corsair. Back then I also had a Corsair SSD on an Asus P67 board while running a couple disk drives in RAID 0 and the TRIM command worked. Otherwise, I never had a problem with any SSD I've ever owned when the SATA Mode was in AHCI. 

    If you buy a Samsung or Crucial SSD drive, there will be software you can download and use to check the status of the SSD, update Firmware (which is risky), RAM caching, etc. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

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  • Dick
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    2 months ago

    Use CCleaner. It recognizes the SSD and will implement the "trim" function in cleaning up the drive. CCleaner is free and you can find it on download.com Hope this helps!

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