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Hair dye help?

If I’m mixing two hair dyes (scwartzkoph amyethist purple and mystic violet purple ) do I use all the box dyes delevoper and dye tube from box dyes or half and half ? .

Also I had black hair and used the colorless hair dye remover today and my hairs in good condition but it’s orange so will I have to wait to dye my hair ?


I phrased that badly I mean like do I use all the products from both the box dyes or just one developer and half the dye from each box 

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  • Read the directions on the dyes. Usually you don't use developer with fashion dyes. If they say to use one then use one. Fashion dyes are typically mixed with a plain white conditioner. 

    Developer can lighten your hair a bit on it's own, so it can lighten the colors that you're using or even change them to a color you may not want. Try using a hair toner on your hair to help get rid of the brassiness before you use the dye.

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