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500 years ago it was just ships the 1st toilet hadn't even been invented, whats in the next 500 years?

flying toilets? Oh we already have those

space toilets check

err a base on mars! multi planetary colonies

Will the internet still be around, that gonna be like roads/books just staying and getting better?


scary things will happen with ai, designer babies genetic engineering and the intelligence created and what it will in turn create its about to another explosion in progress!?  

Update 2:

Its strange we didnt selectively breed humans like dogs for intelligence we had the ability to do that ever since we selectively bread animals and b4 and what it in turn creates is a massive leap forward its strange we didnt take that step earlier 

Update 3:


Update 4:

so yea I think there will be an exponential increase  in progress soon in the next generation or so 

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    Battery operated sexual devices. Oh, we already have those.

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      you are strong against corona 

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  • 2 months ago

    I wouldn't be able to guess. I just hope the future is a better place.

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