who knows how to alow chrome to access the internet in your firewall or antivirus?

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  • Bill-M
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The first thing I guess is a Question -  What Operating System are you using??

    I will assume Windows 10 and give you an answer.

    1. Uninstall your Anti Virus Program.

    2. Uninstall your Firewall program.

    Why do I say this??   Windows 10 has it's own Firewall and Anti Virus programs and by default they allow Chrome.  You don't need third party anti virus or Firewall programs with windows 10.

    I know, you don't agree with me.  But I have been using Windows 10 since it first came out and the ONLY Third Party security I use is Malwarebytes and I have NEVER had any problems.  NONE.

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