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Excel Question ?

Is there a way to set up conditional formatting based on whether a cell is filled by a date noted in a different cell. 

I'm trying to make sure over 700 people are staying on track with a deadline they set. 

So is it possible to have it so any time Keys returned isn't filled after the check out date either the Keys returned is highlighted or the row is highlighted. 

I think it's highly unlikely this is something possible on the web version which is what I'm mainly using since it's a listing shared between me and some coworkers. 

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    i think so, but i dont have the web version.

    so just copy this F1 to G13 data from your pic to any desktop excel to get it working - select G1 down to G13- click conditional formatting- click New rule- click use formula

    - copy&paste this formula


    - choose you format color

    then change stuff to test it out.

    it should just work.

    let me know if it works on the web version too.

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