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Is it normal for everyday life to be an endless torrent of anxiety, depression, rage and madness with no hope (except fake hope from drugs)?

Day after day after day I wake up into the same m0therfvcking prison of the mind! I'm getting more and more violent everyday as it continues, I'm very domestically violent both physically and mentally and I throw bricks though peoples' car windows, sometimes house windows. I WANT TO GO TO JAIL, preferably PRISON. If I don't get better I will threaten someone with a knife so I can get to try the "prison life". Will that get me hope and lead to a happier future when I get released?

Is this normal for someone under 30 and male?


You can still get an illegal job with a criminal record.

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    thats not normal, maybe you should go see a psychiatrist and get some help, they can give you meds for that

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