Should I take AP French or Human Bodyworks, (my school created for a health science program) if I'm trying to be a Pre-Med Major?

My schedule looks like this next year:

-AP US History

-AP Language and Comp.

-Chemistry (Normal Level)

-Pre-Calculus Honors


- AP French OR Human Bodyworks

I have finished all the language requirements for graduation and I have been taking the highest level of French since 7th Grade.


I've decided to move up to Chemistry Honors and I'll be taking AP French next year!! Thanks so much for your advice

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  • 2 months ago

    "Human Bodyworks" sounds pretty lame. Have you taken biology? Physics? Earned straight-A grades in your sciences? Actually, if you like French & are doing well, it is probably better to continue progressing rather than taking some idiotic & untested curriculum. You need "real" sciences with labs, rigorous curriculum. What's really going on with that course?

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    • Hao2 months agoReport

      Students will explore the relationship between illness and corresponding body systems
      in depth. They will also study the links between psychological and physical wellness throughout the course with an emphasis on family and patient concerns"

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  • drip
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Not sure why you would take APUSH. 

    Human body works isn’t a class you would see at most HS, it isn’t going to make an impression. 

    Neat to stick with core subjects. I would take chemistry at the honor level.  Chemistry, biology, calculus, physics all at the highest level you can handle and are available.  AP language is going to help with all the writing you will be doing in college.

    I would take AP French and take the AP exam for it. Chances are you would do well on it.

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  • 2 months ago

    AP French will look better on your transcript, as well as being easier for you to get a good score in, on the exam.

    Human Bodyworks won't do anything to help you in getting into a pre-med track in college. You'd be better off with Biology or Physics.

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