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will hot weather kill of the coronvirus?

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    If you look at countries that have experienced warm weather, cases seem to be as high as colder continents. This tells me, the virus seems to be immune to hot weather killing it off, it seems to have no effect.

    There are two ways to really kill this virus-

    1- People actually STOP social distancing and go back out into the world. Build UP thier immunity, this will not just slow the virus, it will kill it quick.

    2- Hope scientists come up with a vaccine! This is a mighty big assumption, because there is zero gurantee one will be found. Assuming they do? Yea, that would take 12-18 months before it would be on the market, even then, it wouldn't be available to everyone.

    The best we can hope for with this warm weather, is that it slows down the outbreak, much like flu outbreaks rarely occur in the summer months.

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    2 months ago

    wrong forum.  belongs in medicine

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  • 2 months ago

    All through history warmer weather has knocked back the spread of viruses we can only hope that warmer weather will slow it down at least

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