Where to move to in the US?

Well, this section seems to be all about creationism v. Darwanism.... not what I am looking for, but here is my situation:

I have been an expat for about 15 years and plan on returning to the US after this pandemic passes. The thing is, I have no idea where to go. I am from California, originally, but would like to try living elsewhere.I have very little family in the US and most are scattered all over the place. I work remotely, so employment is not a major factor. I have two biracial children, so I would like to avoid any places with a history of .... unpleasantness. Here is a list of what I am looking for:

1. Good schools

2. Large town or small city

3. Close to the mountains (skiing, one or two hours away) and a lake (that can actually be swum in)

4. Good access to healthcare

5. Good amenities (shopping, cinema, stuff for kids)

6 Reasonable cost of living (able to buy a house for about 100k)

7. Mild winters

I have been out of the US so long, I sadly do not know the country of my birth as well as I should. I am open to suggestions, and appreciate your time in answering.


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  • 2 months ago
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    There is no place in the US that has not had some unpleasantness, but people's attitudes have changed a good deal. One place I would recommend is in and around Knoxville, TN. You can get a decent house for $100, it's right on the edge of the Appalachians, It get a couple of snows each winter but the summers are mild because of the altitude. It's a college town, so the schools are full of the children of professors, and that also means that there is a lot to do, and a surprising variety of restaurants for a place that size. Asheville, N.C. has some of the same advantages, but housing prices have risen there a lot lately because people are retiring there.  Most areas in the southeast and midwest have the lowest housing prices. 

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  • drip
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    2 months ago

    You are going to have to go to a smaller town to get a house for 100k.  The closer to a city the higher the cost of living. My daughter’s friends have bought a two bedroom , one bath home for $80k outside of Indianapolis and in Muncie IN

    Same goes for another friend in Charlotte NC. 2 bedrooms one bath for just under $90k.  

    You want mild winters but skiing. 

    Wisconsin will have lower cost of living, lakes and skiing.  But not mild winters

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  • 2 months ago
    • DCM5150
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      Can you really get a decent house for 100K? The average house cost is over $300K in the county. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You would be lucky to find a house for $100K anywhere in the USA.  If you did find one it would likely be in need of significant repairs and or it would be in a terribly remote location where it would be challenging to get high speed Internet access.

    All the rest of your wish list can be found in Oregon or Washington states, providing you are on the western side of either state.  Skiing would be less available in Oregon, if ski you must, then western WA (greater Seattle area) would be the better choice.  You can go boating in Seattle in the morning and be snow skiing later that afternoon.  

    You can get a sense of home prices and rent by looking at websites like zillow.  

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