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Will Corona Virus Die In Summer?


I Hope Coronavirus Will Die In Summer Since Viruses Dies In Summer.

So, Do You Hope Coronavirus Die In Summer?

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    It isn't known...the virus will certainly die viruses do. It isn't all gloom and doom as all the media outlets predicted. They are all downgrading the severity of all of this. There was no real reason to do a complete nationwide SHUTDOWN...its crazy. Now we need to transition back to the normal economy. SOON!

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    The virus survives well in humans runn9ng a fever.

    Temperatured would need to be sugnificantly higher than 38°C/104°F for an extended period (24hrs a day for 10 -14 days) for it to have an impact.

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    Since southern hemisphere countries are currently affected (where it's been late summer/fall since this all began) it's unlikely. 


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    9 months ago

    Ever thought about checking out the southern hemisphere?

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  • They are not sure if it does or not.  I live in Thailand and April and May are the hottest months here.   The average daytime temperature is around 95 to 100 and lower at night is 78 to 81.  We have an average between 50 and 100 cases of the virus per day with around 2,800 cases.  This is low compared to many other countries.  It will just take time to find out.  We are also in a lockdown no one can enter the country and no one can level.  They can not sell Alcohol all food shops are closed except for takeout.  

  • Sandy
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    9 months ago

    that would be awesome. most "flu" viruses happen in the winter months. they diminish significantly in summer months.

  • Robert
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    9 months ago

    Probably. But possible not until after all of us do.

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