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have you ever been to Milan, Italy? is it a beautiful city?

have you ever been to Milan, Italy? is it a beautiful city?

one day when I'm 18 I'd like to move to Milan, Italy,

Is it easy to get a job in this big city?

How are the people there?

Is it easy for a young gay guy to integrate into that city?

Find someone of the same sex to make friends and one day something more?

Ps: my italian level is Advanced

Thank u

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    It is a very beautiful city, but industrial. There are jobs, but it's not that easy to get a work visa for Italy. I know a gay guy who had a very good time in Milan, so I think there's an active gay scene. 

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    Yes I have been. It is nothing special, most Italians don't even like it, it is regarded as a business centre. It has an historic centre that you can walk around in 2 hours. There are some expensive shops in the centre but that's about it.  Apart from that it is modern, it is mostly ugly, it is pretty boring and on the outskirts full of housing projects and industry. It isn't trendy, young, lively or fun. I have been nearly everywhere in Italy and it is one of the worst places  I saw.

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    Many times when I lived in Italy. It's a very nice city with a lot to see and do. Whether you can move there and get a job depends on your education and skills and where you're from. If you're not from the EU, you would need a visa that allows you to live and work in Italy and those aren't easy to get. 

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    If you are American you aren't moving to Italy without a visa. Surely there are gay people there but if you are dreaming of some Nirvana where other young men of that persuasion are plentiful then Italy might be your last choice. The country is resoundingly Catholic.

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