Can you jump off of a Disney World ride and move around?

For example, I just got done watching an evacuation video of the Haunted Mansion. Now, behind the cars in which people sit, is an area where you could walk, and not be in harms way of those cars.

Is it possible during the ride, someone could just get off the ride and start walking around? Or like the Rise of the Resistance ride, it's trackless, but what if someone wanted to get off of the ride where the AT-AT's are and stand next to them. Has this ever happened, or is it a possibility that it could happen?

I also saw a video where a guy loses his wallet or cellphone as the rollercoaster at Disney World was climbing up the lift hill, and as soon as he got out of his car, the entire ride was stopped, he retrieved his dropped item, returned to his coaster car, but they had the entire ride evacuated because of that one guy. Or like Carousel of Progress, would a person be able to just climb up on the stage where the animatronics are?

I just see all these rides on youtube, and think to myself, gee what if someone just wanted to go into one of the buildings or something in a ride?

For the curious, I've never been to Disney World, and probably wouldn't be able to afford it. Looking for helpful answers, thanks.

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    Yes, you could totally do this. The reason they shut down the ride when this happens is because although you might be in a safe area, if you get injured or something you could sue Disney for faulty equipment.

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    I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re required to stay in your seat for the entire ride.

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    Many years ago my friends and I lived near Disneyland and we used to do that quite a bit. They observe people on those rides and it frequently got us kicked out of the park.

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    9 months ago

    A. Covid-19, park is closed

    B. No you can't. You WILL be stopped

    C. You are a TROLL.

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