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Who harvests for a farmer?

Who harvests for a farmer? Who does a farmer sell the crop to? How do they sell it? 

Let's say I planted potatoes. Who comes out and pulls those potatoes out? And how are they sold, and to who? Which companies? 


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    It depends on a lot of things, and varies from one farm to the next depending on what they grow and how they sell it.

    To address your example - potatoes. Here in the Northeast, a lot of potatoes are grown in Maine. The harvesting of them is done by machine. The farmer may drive a tractor or may just use employees. Then they go to a sorting facility, then to a customer or storage. They are typically sold in bulk to packers or processors. Major buyers include McCain (they make french fries), and others. 

  • df
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    4 months ago

    I’m not doing your homework

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Another farmer farms food that feeds the farmer. The farmer sells to grocery stores. How do they sell it. I give up. They bargain rates?

  • Kaz
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    4 months ago

    The farmer does ALL the work himself, unless he has an employee(s) to help him.  

    He plants it, nurtures it, harvests it, then transports it to a farmers market and sells it himself, unless he found a buyer - then the buyer might send someone to pick it up or expect it to be delivered by the farmer.  

    Farming is extremely hard work, dependent on good weather during the growing season and harvesting.

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