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What's the difference if something tastes bad or has no taste?

Sometimes food tastes bad and you want to spit it out.  But there are other circumstances where something is bland or has no taste.  But I've tried explaining this to people and they don't seem to get it.  They say either it tastes bad or it doesn't.

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    if it tastes bad, it is your body's way of saying "don't eat it". it tastes "bad" for a reason.

    if it has no flavor, you can always add salt or pepper, or other seasoning, but that is not a reason to eat it. ideally, you should choose what you eat based on nutritional content. never eat something that you cannot identify, or that you don't know the origin of, regardless of how it "tastes".

    there are many poisins and toxins that taste quite good. taste is just one of your senses, to use when all other factors are even.

    better to use your common sense...

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    Here is the difference to me.

    Liver tastes bad to me. Incredibly bad. Matter of fact, it tastes so bad the few times I have tried to eat it, I gagged and couldn't go any further.

    Arrowroot cookies, the kind you give babies that are teething, are bland. Nearly no flavor at all. I can eat them, but as far as flavor goes, it may as well be cardboard. I don't hate the taste as there is none there to hate. That is the difference to me.

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    Taste is a subjective thing.

    People have different levels of ability in tasting. To some people, there is a difference between having a bland or no taste and a unpleasant taste. Others do not have that distinction. To them, having something in their mouth that doesn't have a flavor *is* unpleasant.

    So you can explain to them that. For you there are three levels. Pleasant, Bland (but not unpleasant) and Unpleasant. They just have the two.

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    That's right: sometimes food tastes bad and you want to spit it out. Sometimes food tastes bland or even has no taste at all. Two different things.

    There are also times when food tastes okay and times when it tastes wonderful. Again, two different things.

    What's your point?

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