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Is the word 'hog' a jargon in agriculture?


What about swine?

Update 2:

Or are those just common words?

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    Answers are more or less correct except for referring to "pigs". A pig has not yet been weaned. When weaned, it becomes a shoat. When adult, it becomes a hog, either a sow or a boar. A swine is any member of the family Suidae, not just Sus scrofa. While those last are not "common" words, they are understood internationally and are standard and unambiguous.

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    A "Hog" is a colloquial term for a Harley Davidson brand motorcycle, which is oddly appropriate since the motorcycle is also a sloppy mess.

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    It usually means a pig that is over 120 pounds in weight.

    In the UK it can mean a sheep before its first shearing.

    A swine is a more general term for a pig. 

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    Common words. VERY common words, too.

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    Not really, it's quite a common alternate word for "pig".  It's clearly understood by most non agriculturalists so that in my mind disqualifies it as jargon.

    Update: What about swine?  It's just another synonym.  That happens in English.

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