will award best answer circular functions help?

solve for all possible θ-values, where   0 <or = to θ <or = to 2pi, where possible

no calculator. for calculator questions round to the nearest thousandth!

a) cscθcosθ = 2cosθ

b) secθ = -3

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  • alex
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    6 months ago
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    0 ≤ θ≤  2π

    a) cscθcosθ = 2cosθcscθcosθ - 2cosθ=0cosθ(cscθ-2)=0--->cosθ=0 --->θ = ...cscθ=2 --->sinθ=1/2 ---> θ=...b/cos θ = -1/3(use a calculator to find θ , with θ is in 2nd or 3rd quadrant )

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